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What people drives crazy about self-driving cars and what they think others should do: A survey approach

  • Co-Author: Prof. Jason Dana (Yale University)
  • Keywords: Online Survey, MTurk, Own-Other Difference, Concerns

Project Details

Self-driving-vehicle technologies take over more and more tasks from human drivers. The objective of this survey is to examine the acceptance of such systems and to investigate what it is that people really seem to dislike about self-driving cars. By using an additional treatment, we also investigate if there is a difference between the level of acceptance for someone’s own use or the desired usage by others. The survey yielded usable responses from 199 persons using Amazon Mechanical Turk (AMT). The majority of respondents expressed a high or very high acceptance rate for most of the systems. However, there seems to be a discrepancy between own usage and the desired usage by others.

"The questions examine several key topics related to autonomous and self-driving vehicles such as longitudinal control, lateral control, perception and object analysis, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, cloud learning and actuation. Results show that people do not like to use almost autonomous systems but they prefer others to use them."